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It is a specialized consultancy company providing EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data protection compliance services


What services does DATAISTIC provide?


- GDPR compliance audit

- GDPR compliance consultations

- Preparation of procedures and documents required under GDPR

- Data protection officer as a service

- Management of individuals‘ requests and complaints

- Management of data security breaches

- Data protection impact assessment

- Representative of non-European companies as a service

- Representation before data protection authorities

What is special about the competence of DATAISTIC?


- Data protection compliance experience since 2008

- Experience of full implementation of GDPR at major Lithuanian and international companies

- Experience of teaching data protection law at Vilnius University since 2012

- Studies prepared for the Council of Europe and European Commission

- More than 60 GDPR seminars conducted for businesses

- Seminars conducted for Lithuanian Data protection authority and more than 10 other state institutions

- First Data protection officers’ academies conducted in Lithuania

- More than 15 academic and practical publications on GDPR and data protection compliance

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How long do experts of DATAISTIC practice in the field?


Since 2008

What type of clients does DATAISTIC serve?


Major Lithuanian companies and international clients


How many companies has DATAISTIC assisted with GDPR implementation?


More than 30


Does DATAISTIC serve international groups?




How many experts does DATAISTIC team currently have?




Where can I find more information?





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