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Dataist, the pioneering AI GDPP Paralegal, is now available at Open AI’s GPT Store!

We are thrilled to unveil that our pioneering Dataist - AI GDPR paralegal is now available on the GPT Store, just launched by OpenAI ! 🎉💼

This #AI assistant is tailored for startups, growing tech companies, NGOs, legal professionals, data protection officers, information security experts, business leaders, and anyone requiring fast, accurate, and reliable information on compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). 🌍👨‍⚖️

Here's what makes Dataist - AI GDPR paralegal a valuable asset:

15+ years of human excellence being turned into AI: the GPT has been created by international experts in data privacy & GDPR, specializing in the field for over 15 years. It is shaped by experience in daily assistance to tech and international businesses with hardcore GDPR compliance issues. It is based on understanding how expert and business-friendly GDPR advice should look.

Combination of human expert know-how and AI Input: it incorporates knowledge from multiple and most important sources of know-how, selected and fine-tuned by humans. It combines a know-how database specifically prepared by experienced human professionals with important GDPR official documents issued by competent authorities and analyzed by the sophisticated algorithms of #OpenAI.

Business-friendly focus on data and tech business: It aims to enable the use of data and technologies and provide a business and data-friendly perspective. We understand how painful, unreasonable, and formalistic GDPR compliance can be. The time has come to simplify and democratize GDPR compliance, making it more understandable and workable.

Head to the GPT Store now and be among the first to experience the future of legal tech with Dataist - AI GDPR paralegal. Available for ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise users. Follow Dataist - AI GDPR paralegal for further news and updates.  🌐🔗

IMPORTANT: Similar to human paralegals, Dataist offers valuable insights for understanding and applying the law, but it should be regarded as a source of general information subject to scrutiny rather than legal advice. We are eager to hear about your experiences, receive feedback, and learn from mistakes!



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