When Dataistic succeeds, an entire team is winning. We are open to current and future privacy  professionals who share our values, and wish to build together something bigger than each of us individually: an innovative GDPR and global privacy compliance company.
First of all, we are humans. Afterwards, we are professionals. We communicate in an open and genuine manner, both inside and outside the company. We accept and tolerate differences and diversities among colleagues and clients.
The team is as strong as are its members. We strive to build a GDPR and privacy dream team. Therefore, we aim to be the top privacy experts in the area. We base our work on constant learning, business approach, and taking extra mile for our clients.
Dataistic is a modern company of data protection law. Our orientation leans towards international, technology-based, innovative clients, those of the fourth industrial revolution. We strive for the company to become a privacy technology company.
In order to complete the job, suit is not necessary. By following all other company values, we capitalise on individual freedom, responsibly and professionally. We possess our own thinking process and attitude. We promote individual autonomy and privacy.